Bi Design Blinds is a UK manufacturer and supplier of Integral Blinds. Our blinds are sealed between a double glazed glass unit.


Integral Blinds are a stunning design of sleek, simple venetian style blinds locked between two sheets of glass inside double glazed unit. They are protected against accidental damage, are completely maintenance free and remain permanently clean. Integrated blinds offer a discreet shading and privacy barrier whilst also helping to reduce solar gain.
Integral Blinds are the UK’s leading blind solution and have become incredibly popular with those purchasing Bi-Folding doors due to the effortless and elegant look and the benefits which are endless, 24 hours long, all year around.



Integral Blinds have endless benefits. Throughout the day and night, the seasons of the year, you’ll be wondering how you managed without them.
They are a product of the future, by making cleaning a thing of the past. No longer will blinds be second to curtains due to the dust and allergens that stick to the shutters making them a chore to own. Integral Blinds are sealed away from dirt and grime.
You can decide on your privacy settings. Fully open, bringing the outside in. Fully closed for a quiet night on the sofa. Or drawn but tilted so you can see outside but outside can’t see you.
Your light preferences. By adjusting the blinds you can shade yourself from the sun or an area in your room. Close or open your blinds fully. Make the light in your home be the light that suits you.
They are maintenance free. No oiling, buying new parts or dealing with mould or rust. Remaining undamaged.
Protect your furniture by shielding the sun. Ensuring the colours in your home stay bright and unfaded.
Creating atmosphere and mood by altering your Integral Blinds with the rotation of the moon and sun.

The components within our Integral Blinds allow you to open, close and tilt the slats from behind the glass. Using a rotational magnetic transmission, the continuous cord loop drives the device subtly and smoothly.  The stylish, indistinct handle is used in just an up and down motion.

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• Residential Homes

• Office Space

• Commercial Areas

• Public Buildings

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Bifold Doors

• Windows

• Glass Doors

• Conservatories

Our Integral Blinds come in a full range of colours to suite your choice of decor and the colour of your Bi-Folds, Windows or Doors. We have metallic, glossy and golden colours to lighten or brighten any room, or closing out the light completely giving you a sleek wall of colour instead.


Bi-folds doors are a modern, sleek addition to every home, in any room. They not only look amazing but have security and energy efficient benefits that will change the way your home feels as well as bringing the outside in.
Our Integral Blinds are the perfect match with Bi-folding doors due to their clean, sharp designs that offer you privacy as well as create the atmosphere in your home during sun up and sundown.



Windows don’t have to be just a practical function here at Bi Design Blinds. Our Contemporary windows embrace the light and space from the outside, creating a picture perfect feature.
Paired with our stunning Integral Blinds to direct away the sun or offer you privacy, you’ll have a smoothly functioning, changeable aspect to style your room.



Our Glass Doors exceed expectations when it comes to energy efficiency. Our windows have a high level of thermal performance minimising heat loss by 60%, unlike timber and uPVC windows. Design and style are not the only features to our Glass Doors and Windows.
Integral Blinds add to the functionality of your efficient glass by encasing a low maintenance, high quality and guaranteed  mechanism to create the perfect privacy setting.


At Bi Design Blinds, our professional team of installation and Integral Blind experts will be using a systemised and well constructed procedure to install the chosen blinds into your home.
Our aim is to be swift and precise, keeping the area clean at all times to ensure your Blinds are not compromised. The end result will be inspected by the project manager and by you, for approval.




Once you have made all the decisions concerning your new Blinds, you can rest assured that for the next ten days from the very start your consultation and the measurements taken your purchase will be checked and used precisely when manufacturing your unique Blinds.
After 14 days we will deliver your blinds at the same time our team of experts will be reading themselves to instal. On a date arranged and confirmed by you, your Blinds will be fitted, inspected and tested before stepping aside to let you admire the stunning new addition to your home.




Our installation services are guaranteed to reassure our clients that when it comes to our business, we mean what we do and we always ensure work carried out is thoroughly checked – the end result, something we can take pride in.
Our Ten year guarantee is provided to all clients in purchase of our Blinds. We will also produce an installation guarantee to ensure our workmanship is high quality and exceptionally delivered to every client accepted.



This comes with using Integral Blinds for your home improvement project. Our high quality components and materials come with a ten year guarantee that will reassure anyone who purchases our Integral Blinds, just how serious we are about our products and workmanship.
Our quality control is second to none throughout the designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation process belonging to every project Integral Blinds accepts. We always provide an Installation Guarantee and the appropriate certificates were necessary.

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  • Residential Homes
  • Office Space
  • Commercial Areas
  • Public Buildings
  • Schools

  • Hospitals
  • Bifold Doors
  • Windows
  • Glass Doors
  • Conservatories

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